Verbal Arts Centre gets ‘Inspired’ for Mental Health

Verbal Arts Centre has joined mental health charity Inspire’s Inspiration Point campaign to help raise the public profile of mental wellbeing.

Inspire is currently asking venues in Northern Ireland to be ‘Inspiration points‘ to improve awareness of mental health issues, challenge stigma and prejudice, and provide ready access to information and guidance.Visitors to the Centre will be able to pick up free information on awareness and support. By pledging to become an Inspiration Point, Verbal will help to:

  • Raise the public profile of mental wellbeing.
  • Challenge the stigma and prejudice that can often surround mental ill-health.
  • Provide a ready access to information and guidance that people may not otherwise have the chance to engage with.

Lagan Online editor Colin Dardis: “Creativity and engagement with the arts is a vital competent of good mental wellbeing, so it is only fitting and natural that Verbal is on board with Inspire. There is already a huge crossover in our Reading Rooms project with mental health and the benefits of shared reading, and Verbal already works with vulnerable children and adults in this area. Therefore, we’re delighted to have the opportunity to further help increase and improve public awareness in the importance of positive mental health.”

Inspire is the new name for Niamh Wellbeing (the Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health), one of the largest and longest established independent charities focusing on mental health, intellectual/learning disability and wellbeing services across Ireland and in the UK.  The charity seeks to build a flourishing society in which all people have access to services and support appropriate to their mental health and wellbeing needs, by promoting, supporting, and exploring flourishing mental wellbeing throughout society.


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