Turas Press – A Journey of Discovery

Turas Press, a new, independent small press, has recently been launched in Ireland.

Founder Liz McSkeane, who is originally from Scotland and has lived in Dublin since 1981, chose the name ‘Turas Press’ because ‘turas’ means ‘journey’ in both Irish and Scottish Gaelic. Her vision is to support writers of poetry and fiction in the journey of launching their work into the world, and connect them with readers interested in unusual voices that don’t fit easily into the mainstream.


Liz, whose first novel, Canticle, was one of the Irish Writers’ Centre Novel Fair winners in 2016, set up Turas Press intending to publish her own work. The first Turas Press book is her own third poetry collection, So Long, Calypso (which we will be reviewing next month). Convinced that Turas Press could provide an independent publishing space that would offer a platform for innovative poetry and fiction, she very soon decided to publish work by other writers, too:

“I’ve met many fine writers whose books are still looking for a home – there’s so much good work there is, jostling for shelf-space in an increasingly competitive market place.”

That book was followed up by a new collection from Dublin-based New Zealand poet, Ross Hattaway. Ross has been published in Ireland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US. How to Sleep with Strangers is his third collection (which Lagan Online reviewed earlier this year). The next Turas Press book, the poetry collection Tart, from the Dublin poet and translator Anamaría Crowe Serrano, is due out early in 2018.

Turas Press books can be purchased on www.turaspress.ie and in an expanding network of independent bookstores in Ireland, soon to be extended to the UK. Details of stockists are on the website, along with information about forthcoming readings, submissions windows, book reviews and articles on topics of interest to lovers of books and literature everywhere.

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