The 12 Poems of Christmas

We had a great response to our callout for Christmas poems. Many thanks to everyone who entered, whether it was embracing the Christmas spirit or regaling against it.

We’re delighted to announce our 12 selected poems are:
Michael Farry ~ Advent
Phillip Crymble ~ Christmas in the Trenches
Angela Carr ~ A Christmas Stuffing
James Meredith ~ A Queen in Repose
David Smylie ~ The ghost of presents past
Laura Madeline Wiseman ~ Holidays
John Caulfield ~ Christmas Day
Glen Wilson ~ The Inn
Nessa O’Mahony ~ First Christmas
Breda Spaight ~ The Dead
Liz Quirke ~ Her Table
Linda McKenna ~ While Shepherds Watched

Download all the poems here (PDF file): The 12 Poems of Christmas
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Happy reading, and Merry Christmas!
And… as a special Christmas bonus, here are two extra poems by our 12NOW poets, Ross Thompson and Peter Adair.

Ross Thompson: Bangor, County Down, December 2010

Snow fell, like kindness, deep and soft and warm,
all the way from the farms that edge our town
to the harbour where boats dozed, safe from harm,

and cupped in stillness, buoyant in the sound
of lapping waves – a promise no one heard
after the cold snap drove them underground.

Wires criss-crossing above hung undisturbed.
Our street contracted, shrunk into its shell.
Sills bore the evidence of tiny birds

scrounging for scraps. The spectre of deaf bells
rang from the abbey spire. It chimed inside
the water butt and window frames. It swelled

in bare apple branches and frozen dikes.
It draped the garden in crystallised ice

but we were tucked up indoors, close as mice.


Peter Adair: Untitled

hungover bottle bank,
ripped Christmas jumper –
separate beds

early cherry blossom –
massacre of the innocents

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