Reading Rooms Current Reads: Dec ’16

We  take a look at some of the poems and stories being shared around the Reading Rooms groups in the past month.

Little Legends at Eason Foyleside had a wonderfully cosy session, session, reading ‘The Bear’s Winter House‘ by John Yeoman (Author) and Quentin Blake (Illustrator). The group talked about hibernation, sang a little hibernation song , and they even tried to make their own bear’s house and do a little hibernating themselves – great fun!

Also, at our last Little Legends session of the year, we read about Rabbit saving ‘A Little Bit of Winter‘ (by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell) for Hedgehog as he was hibernating and wondering what Winter was like! We celebrated our favourite things about Winter, we created some cool cold snow and of course thought about Santa coming by making some white fluffy beards of our own.

Our Extern groups read the story ‘Through The Wardrobe‘ by Belfast-born author Lucy Caldwell, from her collection ‘Multitudes’, about a transgender child. The story succinctly creates the heartbreak and confusion that transgender children feel and especially at the end when Lucy projects how the family will feel and react. A very good story.

The short story ‘Christmas is a sad time for the poor‘ by John Cheever was combined with the poem ‘There’s Someone‘ by Benjamin Zephaniah were read recently to the Probation Board. At the beginning the participants wonder where the story is going. The phrase “Christmas is a sad time for the poor” is repeated and it seems to be so negative. But towards the end it is so uplifting and ending with the Zephaniah poem really does compound that. Both really resonated with the men In prison where of course it is difficult to be away from family at Christmas and there tends to be a lot of reflection. The poem – Zephaniah has a way of using simple words to make a powerful statement – is the perfect combination with the story and everyone feels so positive at the end of the session.

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