Inking the Unthinkable: Poems About Poetry

Last month, we asked for your meta-poetry, your ars poetica, ‘the thing that should not be written’. We flouted the rules and encouraged you to write poems about poetry. And we got an overwhelming response from all over the world! A lot of submissions dealt with writing in generally, or writer’s block, or merely tacked on a comment about poetry at the end. But we wanted work that was unashamedly and directly about poetry, that revelled deep in the subject for all its ugliness and beauty.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted towards the call out. We’re delighted to bring you this selection, a celebration of writing, of the creative process, of poets and of poetry itself.

You can view the poems to the left (just put your mouse over the cover) or download our e-chapbook of all the poems for free at the link below.

Download PDF of ‘Inking the Unthinkable’

Jean O’Brien : There Will Be Fish
Ellen Sander : To write poetry
Nick Griffins : Writing a Poem
Rachel Coventry : Collecting wood
Rachel Coventry : Cataract IV
Shane Guthrie : It had been months
Kate Ennals: Poem, I want from you
R.W. McLellan : The night Donald Hall made my father cry
James Meredith : Instruction & attempt at tanka
Averil Meehan : To Catch a Poem
Órla Fay : The Just Written Poem
Howie Good : The Poet in Winter
Mendes Biondo : What Happen To The Wrong Words?
Seth Crook : Between p147 and p149
Patricia Hughes : Value
Alan David Pritchard : I Need To Know
Colin Dardis : Prescription
Neil Slevin : Escape
John Jeffire : The Place Where Poems Are Written
Alice Kinsella : “But why do you write poetry?”
Peter Adair : Guts
Éamon Mag Uidhir : A Clean Kill
David Mitchell : The stuff beyond words
Emma Lee : We have plenty of matches in the house
David Butler : Aistriúchán
Frances Corkey Thompson : Writing
Seanín Hughes : Human Poetry
Emma McKervey : Mad Curator
Breda Wall Ryan : Poetry is
Amy Karon : Some poems
Deirdre McClay : Sparring
Bex Dansereau : The Words That Fit

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