Paul Muldoon releases new collection of song lyrics

Paul Muldoon is no stranger to lyric writing: he has written and performed with two previous bands, Rackett and The Wayside Shrines, resulting in the collections General Admission (Gallery Press, 2006) and The Word on the Street: Rock Lyrics (Farrar Straus Giroux, 2013). He was worked with Warren Zevon, The Handsome Family, and written librettos for four operas by Daron Hagen.

Now, Eyewear Publishing has released his new lyric collection, Sadie & the Sadists, featuring nineteen “zany, witty, brilliant, sometimes startling” lyrics from songs played by Muldoon’s band, Rogue Oliphant. The band is is a loose affiliation of musicians and composers who work on songs and spoken word pieces written by Muldoon. The band’s first album, I Gave the Pope a Rhino, was recorded in Brooklyn in June 2016, and is available from Academic Records and as a download from CD Baby.

Interviewed for On Being, Muldoon stated “poetry comes in all sorts of forms, all kinds of forms, all shapes, all manner of ways. And I think if we take into account all the manifestations of poetry in the world — including some in prose fiction, by the way, and nonfiction — with the ways in which it goes back to some of its earliest sources, the riddle, the prayer, the charm, the incantation, which, of course, were all forms of poetry in some societies, and continue to be, I think, in many. If one accepts, in one’s expansiveness, rock ‘n’ roll, and rap, and country music.”

The collection was launched in London at Rough Trade Records on July 4th, just two weeks after Muldoon’s 66th birthday. Listen to samples from Muldoon’s work with Rogue Olipant below.

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