Oxfam ‘Right To Refuge’ Exhibition to tour the North

Oxfam Ireland is partnering with Libraries NI to tour an exhibition of photography and writing as part of the Right to Refuge campaign during 2017.

The exhibition was originally shown as part of Culture Night Belfast in September 2016, with an evening of readings to highlight the lives and stories of displaced people from countries such as Burundi, Afghan and Syria in the countries where they have sought safety, including in Europe.

A number of NI/ROI writers each received an image of a refugee/displaced person with a brief summary of who they are, the situation they are now facing and the wider context of the displacement. Writers responding to the work include Shelley Tracey, Tony Bailie, Karen Quinn, Laurence Donaghy, Eoin McNamee, Jan Carson, Glenn Patterson, Louise Kennedy and others.

The number of people who’ve been forced from their homes by conflict and disaster now exceeds 65.3 million, the largest number since the Second World War. If those displaced formed a state, it would be the 26th most populous country on the planet. The Land of the Invisible, where everyone shares a story with the same beginning: a desperate flight from their homes with only the clothes on their backs as belongings.

Alex Clyde, Campaigns & Advocacy Assistant: “We hope the event will give members of the public a new way into the lives and experiences of people forced to flee. We want to raise awareness of the human story of displacement and encourage participants to the event to engage with the issues in more depth. We are incredibly excited to get the exhibition out to areas outside of Belfast and are planning a series of talks in some of those locations. We hope that by doing this we can engage more people to find out more about Oxfam’s work and the experiences of people forced to flee from conflict or persecution.”

The exhibition will be in:

Derry Central Library: 2nd – 28th February (evening tour launch in Derry Central Library on Thurs 2 Feb)
Omagh Library: 1st – 30th March
Lurgan: 1st – 27th April
Lisburn: 1st – 31st May
Bangor: 1st – 29th June
Belfast (Falls Road Library):  August 1st – 30th August

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