Olive Broderick showcases Knowing the Dance project

12NOW poet Olive Broderick will showcase part of her Knowing the Dance dance/poetry collaboration project as part of the Evolving Fields Conference at Queen’s University Belfast.

The project, with PhD student and dancer Paula Guzzanti, and joined by musician Martin Devek, was conceived by Olive as part of her ACES award from Arts Council Northern Ireland. A performance of dance and poetry, the performance piece “integrates the experience of holding a shared space between dance improvisation and poetry writing.” Within the piece, poetry and dance come together to a point where “the dance is indivisible from the dancer, and the poems are indivisible from the poet.”

Olive: “[I’m] very excited to be sharing a showcase space with Paula and Martin. We are sharing some of the Knowing the Dance work with some creative engagement for the participants as well. Dance – like creative writing – covers a multitude of different approaches and fields of endeavour. Paula’s particular practice is, in itself, a key component of how the conversation between us has been developing. This performance / workshop will throw a spotlight on some of the fascinating features of the dance element and how the explorations in our collaboration may inform research practice generally.”

Paula Guzzanti: ” This particular collaboration started from an invitation from poet Olive Broderick to explore a middle-point from where dance and poetry could evolve together. And musician Martin Devek joined us later in the process, when I started to focus on the performative qualities of the project. I have collaborated with Devek in various other projects. These collaborations added an interesting layer to my research project. While with Broderick I focus on the development of a collaborative framework, with Devek I focus on expanding our practice. Collaboration is an important area of my project, I’m interested in how language functions as a tool for exposing our affective experiences and how the use of words influences the artistic practice.”

The performance is on Tuesday 9th June at the Lanyon Building, QUB, from 4 – 5pm. Attendees need to register with the conference in advance. The premiere of the final piece will be in the Down Arts Centre in September.

The ‘Evolving Fields: sensoriality, imagination and memory in the humanities’ conference is organised by students of the School of History, Anthropology, Politics and Philosophy at Queen’s University Belfast with the support of the Graduate School. The conference will assess how sensorial perception, imagination, and memory enrich our disciplines. Attentive to the direction research in the humanities is taking, the conference will try and assess how recent trending themes have inspired young researchers.


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