Thirty Northern Irish poems for National Poetry Month

April may be the cruellest month, as TS Eliot famously suggested, but it is also National Poetry Writing Month (or NaPoWriMo for short). Each April, since 2003, poets have taken up the challenge to try and write a poem a day for thirty day. National Poetry Reading Month arose as an offshoot of NaPoWriMo, encouraging people (and not just poets) to read more poetry, and discover new writers.

Below, we present 30 poems by poets from Northern Ireland. We may be starting late into the month, but there is still plenty here to unearth and revel in, so bookmark this page, start reading, and check back each day. Included are some well known names, work from our 12NOW writers, and some poets you may not be familiar with yet. Enjoy and happy reading.

1st    CS LewisThe Apologist’s Evening Prayer

2nd    Ross ThompsonThe Headmaster’s Office

3rd    Olive BroderickHoldfast

4th    Gerald DaweHouse of fiction

5th    Medbh McGuckianWillowware Cup

6th    Glen WilsonThe Playing Fields

7th    Kathleen McCrackenSomething About Horses

8th    Peter AdairGrowing Habits

9th    Louis MacNeiceThree Thousand Miles

10th   Paula MatthewsLaganside

11th   Matthew RiceThe Calf

12th   Frank OrmsbyFireflies

13th   Patricia Devlin-Hill – In a Crisis
(from Poetry NI’s International Women’s Day 2016 Compendium)

15th   David BrazielSoldiers

16th   Tory CampbellGarranard Park

17th   Nigel McLoughlinAfter the Battle

18th   Geraldine O’KaneHitting to Hurt

19th   James Meredithhaiku

20th   Jenny ClelandFuchsia

21st   Gerard McKeownFarmer

22nd   Maria McManusFinch

23rd   Martin MooneyMoscow Road

24th   Lorna ShaughnessyOther People’s Lives

25th   Ray GivansVisit To New Hairdresser

26th   Deirdre Cartmill – Hunger

27th   Adrian RiceHobo

28th   Lynda TavakoliWar and Want

29th   Lesley MartinThree Churches

30th   Damian SmythThe Corpse of Takabuti


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