Irish Writers Featured in New Releases from Australian Press

Irish writers A. Joseph Black and Adam Trodd are featured in a series of new released from Australia press In Short Publishing Co.

In Short prints short stories in pocket-book format from writers all over the globe. The design of the booklets and the length of the stories are perfect for that bus or train journey into work, digested and enjoyed in around ten minutes. In late 2015, eighteen single story pocket books,including Black’s story ‘Nora‘, were printed. They have now reprinting that original eighteen along with seven new additional stories, including Black’s By The Lake and Trodd’s Little Canute.

Little Canute tells the story of eight year old Cormac and his struggle to understand his mother’s diagnosis of cancer. It centres around an ingenious and charming mishearing of the phrase “the big C”, which begins Cormac’s mini-adventure.

By The Lake centres of the legacy of a haunted house and its new inhabitants, with a psychological rather than horrific approach that constantly threatens to tip over into tragedy.

Adam Trodd lives and works in Dublin. His fiction and poetry have appeared in publications such as The Irish Times, Crannog, Banshee and The Capterpillar.

A. Joseph Black live in Belfast and write flash fiction and short stories. His work has appeared online in literary journals and in print anthologies such as The Incubator, Spontaneity, 101Words and The Launchpad.

Both stories are available to order now.


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