‘How can life go on?’: Poems and Prose for Holocaust Memorial Day 2017

Many thanks to everyone who responded to our call for submissions for Holocaust Memorial Day 2017. Our e-booklet marking the event, which occurs worldwide on 27th January, is now available to download for free below.

Special thanks to Jim Ross for providing our cover photo, and teacher Amanda Crossthwaite of Bangor Grammar School, for sending in pieces from her Year 9 class, three of which are included here, showcasing bright, young, promising writing talent for the future.

Events to mark HMD2017 are happening across Northern Ireland from now until Wednesday 1st February. HMD has taken place in the UK since 2001, with over 5,590 activities took place across the UK for HMD 2016 alone.

Download ‘How can life go on?’ e-booklet (pdf file)

The full list of poems and prose are:

Matthew Rice: ‘Why’
Jim Ross: ‘Silent Memorials’
Julia Dasbach: ‘Upon Reading the List of Babi Yar Victims’
R. Bremner: ‘Bodies’
Callum Beal: ‘Stickmen’
Erika Dreifus: ‘Diaspora: A Prose Poem’
Katy Radford: ‘Vienna to Millisle’
Tina Crenshaw: ‘Untitled’
James Finnegan: ‘Edith Stein’
Ben Jenkins, Dries Oliver, Benjamin Martin and Jacob McCrea: ‘The Death March’
Vincent Creelan: ‘There are spirits all around us’
Joseph Krakowski: ‘What is Worse?’
Glen Wilson: ‘The grass grows, the birds sing’
Devon Balwit: ‘The Breaths After and Between’
Ray Givans: ‘Armenian Genocide, 1915’
Linda McKenna: ‘Baking Day’
Arianna Sanchez: ‘Neighboring Dachau’
Patricia Devlin-Hill: ‘Butterflies’


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  1. Jacqueline Stearns

    So glad that we Jews are still remembered!

    Jacqueline Stearns


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