Getting Back to School with Book Camp

The Verbal has its Book Camp last week, a free programme for those starting big school and their parents / carers. Going to school can be a daunting and challenging time, with new experiences and new demands. We take a look at the children’s journey during the week.

Day 1
Today we explored how we might feel on this new journey together, preparing the children with activities, stories and games, all designed to stimulate and inform.

Day 2
Another fabulous day of learning together, using Reading Rooms and creative arts to stimulate talking and listening with the children and their parents. Claire Harkin, Reading Rooms Schools Project Officer: “What a wonderful time we had exploring our dreams today! We read Where The Wild Things Are and discovered that we can make anything happen in our dreams. We even got to go on an adventure through our dreams with our parents and carers! It’s wonderful to read, discover, imagine and play together.”

Day 3
Definitely the most magical day so far of our Book Camp for children and their parents before they enter the next chapter of their story in life. Today we read stories about going to school. We played with phonics, sounding our names and then explored The Odd One Out using pictures and words.

Day 4
More fun and togetherness to come tomorrow in today’s session. The children had the opportunity to engage and interact with their parents to explore their favourite nursery rhymes. Today’s Book Camp was stimulated from the fabulous story Have You Ever, Ever, Ever? using our bespoke model in Reading Rooms. The kids performed in front of their peers – confident or what?! We finished the day asking what is your favourite nursery rhyme and why.

Day 5
After learning some phonics and playing with sounds and words the children then had to find rhyming words with help from their parents. Book Camp 2017 has been so inspirational for the children and their parents. This free programme has helped the kids to engage and interact together with mum, dad or even granny. It has developed their confidence, as well as talking and listening skills.

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