Gerard Ryan: The Story Relived

The Story Relived is a new storytelling venture, written by Derry author Gerard Ryan (Gearóid C Ó Riain).

The stories aim to tell tales of real people and events in a way that blurs the line between fact and fiction. Ryan explains the ethos of The Story Relived using a quote from Russel Walton’s collection of folk tales, A Harp of Fishbones: “It is a distinctive Celtic trait to regard literal truth as being somewhat elastic when it comes to storytelling”.

Ryan has chosen to present the stories in audio, rather than written form, invoking a traditional method of storytelling through digital means. The stories are hosted through the LibSyn podcasting service, available to stream online and download for free. You can also subscribe via Spotify and iTunes.

Gerard: “It’ll be a regular podcast about Irish experiences. I source the stories from articles in old newspapers (the first episode being set in 1844) then piece them together with a sort of fictional glue. Each story will be released on the second and last Sunday of each month.”

The second episode will be available on Sunday 11th February. Listen to episode one, ‘Ripple’, below.


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