From the Archives: Andy White – The Music of What Happens…

Andy White’s The Music of What Happens… poems and complete song lyrics 1985-98 was the first book from the Northern Irish singer-songwriter, released after recording seven solo albums.

Published by Lagan in 1998, White would also go on to published 21st Century Troubador with Lagan in 2009.

White commented on the back cover that “the poems are all street scenes from my heart, mostly written on the move, leaving and coming home.” As well as poetry, the book contains lyrics for all of White’s albums, as well as a selection of his drawings.


Hey man, there’s an Ulster poet in the hotel lobby

Ulster poet
on location
on commission
slim volumes
thing past

Cuchulain and his
swing into Reception
lights up a Gallaher’s blue
the poet fondles his
‘Leave me alone’ shouts Cuch
‘I’m immortalised already
Give me peace
whoojoo think y’are
Louis Macfuckingneice?
Don’t drag me into a poem
I’m averse to it.’

Outside in the street
bit of bother
people hurling

anthologies at each other.


Dressing room Tom Waits

not even light even for shadows
piano plays
crosslegged singer
cracked bowl ragged walls
ashtray sinks and a funeral petrol throat
there’s a painted cock crowing
rainclouds gathering
there’ll be no dancing tonight
just this old carpet
and Tom Waits on the radio


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