About Us

To  state that publishing has been disrupted radically by technology is no longer an insight of significance. It is generally accepted that writers can create work and elect to go direct to market without engaging the services of a publisher.

Previously the value of the publisher was in the areas of editorial, production, distribution, marketing and sales support. Technology has reduced the value of these areas, with the exception of editorial skills, to virtually zero.

All of them can be substituted by freelance/outsourcing suppliers.

Our response to this irreversible change in the publishing industry is Lagan Online.

Whilst maintaining a commitment to original ideas of Lagan Press i.e. promoting works of literary, artistic, social and cultural importance which have little opportunity to be heard in the marketplace, we will no longer pursue this aim through physical print publishing. However, you will always find a link to our back catalogue on this new site.

Central to Lagan Online is the aim of nurturing new talent to build careers in a new environment. Lagan Online is committed to being a leading voice in the area of Reading Development and new writing on the island of Ireland.

Lagan Online offers a platform to promote contemporary voices from Northern Ireland through our ‘12NOW‘ series of New Original Writers. Every writer needs readers in order to thrive, and we want to connect great writers with new audiences, offering the first steps in a career path that closely supports and nurtures up-and-coming talent.

Alongside showcasing new work and opportunities for writers, we will be bringing you stories from Verbal’s Reading Rooms programme, seeing how groups react to new local writers and themes, as well as finding out more about some of the partners and organisations we work with to further the enjoyment of reading across Northern Ireland.

“Lagan Online aims to put the focus on the writer, rather than a book title. We want writers to experience career advantages through our focus on audience engagement, community building through Reading Rooms as well as associated promotional opportunities through the Honest Ulsterman magazine. This combination enables Lagan Online to respond to the new realities of writing and provide a supportive and nurturing environment for new creative voices to be heard.James Kerr, Chief Executive Verbal.

Lagan Online Editor, Colin Dardis: “I’m thrilled that Lagan has the opportunity to help support some fantastic poets and prose writers, and to continue promoting literature in Northern Ireland and beyond. Verbal is exploring ways to bring quality writing to Northern Irish and Irish audiences, in a way that has not been done here before. With the book industry rapidly changing in recent years, reaching out to audiences and communities has never been more important. It’s going to be really exciting to see what develops.”

Lagan Online is generously supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Annual Funding Programme.