12NOW update: Jamie Guiney

One of 12NOW writer Jamie Guiney‘s short stories, She will be my joy, has been chosen for an upcoming anthology from writers in recovery.

A Wild and Precious Life will feature stories from writers who have/are recovering from drugs/alcohol, and also encompasses the wider theme of recovery. Edited by authors Lily Dunn and Zoe Gilbert, the anthology will be released in print in 2018 and is expected to be widely distributed.

Jamie was debilitated by a virus in 2010 which took several years to recover from; this inspired his short story. The anthology deals with the themes of recovery in a broad sense (from mental or physical illness), but also specifically looks at stories telling about people’s issues and experiences with addiction.

Elsewhere, Jamie’s short story The Amazing Chen was also chosen at Story of the Week over at Fairlight Books last week. Editor Lindsey Woollard described it as a “touching and thoroughly amusing tale of the lengths one man will go for the woman he loves”.

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