12NOW Poet Peter Adair wins FSNI National Poetry Competition

14542424_1747167262212206_5473282142857577326_oLagan Online 12NOW poet Peter Adair was the overall winner in the Published Poets category for the fifth annual Funeral Services Northern Ireland National Poetry Competition, announced on 5th October as an awards ceremony in the Great Hall, Stormont.

Peter’s poem ‘Dear’ was noted by the judges to connect “on a very personal level” with “beautiful intimacy”, noting “there’s real tension in it” with “a nod to Yeats perhaps.” It was also remarked that the poem firmly addresses the theme of this year’s competition, ‘messages’, tying into the theme of National Poetry Day UK.

Fellow 12NOW poet Matthew Rice was also shortlisted in the Published Category, while Niall McGrade was named winner in the Unpublished Poet category.

You can read the top three winning poems from each category on the competition website.

Published Category Shortlist:
Peter Adair ‘Dear’
Andrew Eaton ‘The Organ’
James Connor Patterson ‘Postscript’
Gaynor Kane ‘Will You Do a Wee…’
Emma McKervey ‘On Strangford’s Shore’
Matthew Rice ‘Shine’
Sharon Flynn ‘Roost at Dawn’
Jonathan Hicks ‘Messages’
Shelley Tracey ‘Buzzard’
Michael Conaghan ‘Equation’

Unpublished Category Shortlist:
Niall McGrade ‘Telling the Bees’
Dawn Watson ‘Thunderstorm in a Care Home’
Eamon Cunningham ‘Last Words 1916’
Anna Murphy ‘Moonlight Messenger’
Glen Wilson ‘A Hound’s Gowl’
Paul McMahon ‘Dear Sean’
Mairi McCurdy ‘Message from the North’
Amy Wyatt ‘A Box of Tools’
Robert Kirk ‘Transition’
Andrew Soye ‘Everything Said’
Nancy Graham ‘This One Was Taken at the Peacewall’
Andrew Kennedy ‘Land of Dreams’