12NOW author David Mitchell’s political book receives paperback release

12NOW author David Mitchell‘s latest political book has been given a paperback release by Manchester University Press.

Politics and peace in Northern Ireland: Political parties and the implementation of the 1998 Agreement analyses the complex and contradictory process of implementing the Good Friday Agreement. Using the lens of security dilemma theory, it begins with an original overview of the conflict, the Agreement and post-1998 politics. The book then explores post-Agreement Northern Ireland through the eyes of each of the main political parties (UUP, SDLP, Sinn Féin, DUP and Alliance) showing how they tried to shape the course of peace implementation, and how implementation, in turn, shaped the fates and fortunes of the parties.

Drawing on extensive original research, this book explains the promise and limits of the Agreement, showing how and why the two sides’ mutual insecurities repeatedly derailed peace implementation, and reflects on the likely direction of parties and politics in the future. Originally released in hardback in July 2015, this clearly written and up-to-date book will be of interest to scholars and students of recent Northern Irish history, ethnic conflict and peace-making.

Assistant Professor of Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation at the Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin at Belfast, Mitchell is also the author of Politics and Peace in Northern Ireland (Manchester University Press, 2016) and co-author of Ex-combatants, Religion and Peace in Northern Ireland (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013). He speaks regularly at home and abroad on conflict and peacemaking in Northern Ireland.

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